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EqUIP - EU-India Social Sciences and Humanities Platform


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Ministry of Education, Science and Sport (MIZS) as a partner in Slovenia, together with DFG (Germany), is responsible for the organisation of the Final symposium meeting. Event will take place in Hotel Golf Bled, Cankarjeva 4, Bled, Slovenia from 25. - 26.10.2016. Informal get-together dinner will be organized in hotel on 24.10.2016 at 19:00h. Participation at the EqUIP event is by invitation only!



The EU-India Platform for the Social Sciences and Humanities (EqUIP) brings together research funding and support organisations in Europe and India in order to develop a stronger strategic partnership for multi-lateral research collaboration. Europe and India have strong historical links, but its research collaboration relationships are relatively new. EqUIP is linking and building upon successful partner relationships developed at the European level, using the NORFACE and HERA European Research Area Networks (ERA-NETs) as a basis for expanding interactions with India. As in those networks, the EqUIP platform is supporting research funding agencies across Europe and India to build a stronger strategic partnership between Europe and India, increase opportunities for networking and dialogue amongst researchers and for joint research programming. A key element of the work will be in identifying opportunities and priorities for future research collaboration.
Through initial scoping exercise EqUIP identified five broad areas of potentially aligned research themes that would benefit from an EU-India perspective.


Discussions from each symposium was captured in the reflection papers which will be presented at the Final symposium meeting in Slovenia (25. – 26. 10. 2016).


Summaries from reflection papers:

A.    Sustainable prosperity, well-being and innovation;  Summary  /  Reflection paper

B.    Inequalities, growth and place/space;  SummaryReflection paper

C.    Social transformations, cultural expressions, cross-cultural connections and dialogue; SummaryReflection paper

D.    Power structures, conflict resolution and social justice; SummaryRefelection paper

E.    Digital archives and databases as a source of mutual knowledge; SummaryReflection paper




Final symposium meeting will bring together all convenors of the individual academic symposia, academic discussants, EqUIP project partners, EqUIP associated partners and important stakeholders. The main objectives of the final symposium meeting are:

  • To discuss the results of “Reflection papers” of all symposia (A-E) that were organized from in 2015 and 2016 with the convenors, discussants and academic participants;
  • Extract the research priorities and establish a possible research agenda for future research collaboration in EqUIP by collating and synthesising the outcomes of the previous five symposia.
  • Build a link/integration of symposia results with prior actions of EqUIP partners about possible forms of future cooperation;
  • Final symposia will produce a Summary which will be an important tool for strengthening EU-India cooperation on the field of social science and humanities.


Important information and agenda:

Reflection paper from the Final Symposium event in Bled:

Reflection paper D3.2 on EqUIP Symposium(*new*) (pdf)


Video weblinks:

Final Symposium Day 1; 25th October 2016

Final Symposium Day 2; 26th October 2016



Slovenian contact for EqUIP:
dr. Davor Kozmus


tel.: +386 1 478 4693