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Joint Workshop of Poly4EmI and BeWiser projects on cluster policy excellence

On Thursday 11 February 2016 the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport (MIZŠ) organised a Joint Workshop of Poly4EmI  and BeWiser  projects on cluster policy excellence as part of improving the competitiveness of regional economy and support to emerging industries.

In her opening speech, minister dr. Maja Makovec Brenčič stressed that cooperation of researchers, scientists, and representatives of the economy is very important for creating the added value in the development of breakthroughs for the advancement of the society as such. The minister thanked to both projects for creating a suitable platform for closer cooperation between different areas in order to overcome obstacles for the creation of technological progress. "Both Poly4EmI and BeWiser platforms are strongly supported by the economy and will continue to be so," the minister added.

She continued by saying that the Ministry of Education, Science in Sport was heavily involved in the preparation of Slovenian Smart specialization strategy. MIZŠ will allocate more than 50 million EUR for projects in the context of Smart specialization strategy, which will be devoted to the deepening of cooperation between research and the economy. "We are working very closely with the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology in creating not only a new added value, but also in creating new jobs."

"A common challenge for research, science and the economy is, in particular, how to restructure different industries to encourage the progress of greater wellbeing of people. Let us keep that in mind when creating and implementing joint projects.”

The goal of the workshop was to present what both projects have done and implemented in relation to cluster policy and cluster management excellence. Furthermore, invited high-level representatives, ranging from State secretaries and Director Generals of Slovenian ministries to the European Commission officials as well as experts in the field of cluster policy and cluster management, discussed about the importance of cluster policy as an approach for implementing smart specialization strategies, and thus support of emerging industries in practice.