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General information about Slovenia


Facts about Slovenia

The country and its people, history, state and political system, the economy, social security and health care, culture, the media, etc.


Slovenian Tourist Board Official Web Site (in several languages: English, German, French, Italian) 

Travel and other informations for tourists


Slovenian for travellers

This phrase book will help you to communicate in Slovenian language


Mat'kurja - Guide to virtual Slovenia

A portal to Slovenian Web sites - hierarchic directories, search possibilities



Slovenian state institutions


Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia

The site of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Slovenia includes data concerning constitutional review in Slovenia, the organisation of the Constitutional Court, its composition, powers and constitutional case-law.


Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia, Obersten Gerichtshofes der Republik Slowenien

The Supreme Court is the highest appellate court in the state. It functions primarily as a court of cassation. It is a court of appellate jurisdiction in criminal and civil cases, in commercial lawsuits, in cases of administrative review and in labour and social security disputes. It is the court of the third instance in almost all the cases within its jurisdic­tion


President of the Republic of Slovenia

The President of the Republic represents the Republic of Slovenia and is commander-in-chief of its defence forces.


National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia

The National Assembly is composed of deputies of the citizens of Slovenia and comprises ninety deputies


National Council of the Republic of Slovenia

The National Council is the representative body for social, economic, professional and local interests. The National Council has forty members


Government of the Republic of Slovenia

The Government is composed of the president and ministers. Within the scope of their powers, the Government and individual ministers are independent and accountable to the National Assembly


State Portal of the Republic of Slovenia

Portal to governmental Web pages and other useful informations


Government Communication Office


Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia

The President of the Government (Prime Minister) is responsible for ensuring the unity of the political and administrative direction of the Government and coordinates the work of ministers


Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology

The Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology performs tasks in the field of higher education, research, technology, metrology and promotion of the information society in the areas not covered by other ministries. The ministry also co-ordinates work in the field of the information society.


Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs


Government of the Republic of Slovenia - Other Ministries


Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia is an independent, non-profit organisation founded pursuant to a special Slovenian law, with compulsory membership for all enterprises that perform business activities and are registered in Slovenia. It is the successor to the Chamber of Trade and Industry of Kranjsko, founded in 1850, and currently has more than 53,000 members.


Chamber of Craft of Slovenia, Der Handwerkskammer Sloweniens


Employment Service of Slovenia

ESS is an institution with a long tradition. It was founded in the 1930's and from its beginning has been changed and adapted to new situations in the labour market. We could say that its turning point came in 1989 with the restructuring of the Slovene economy, when unemployment started to rise rapidly. It was vital that ESS's provided a well-developed social security service


Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia

SORS provides national statistics on the current situation and movements in the economic, demographic and social spheres as well as on environmental and natural resources for bodies and organizations of public administration, the commercial sector and the general public


Institute of Macroeconomic Analyses and Development

Various tasks are carried out mainly on the basis of projects. The institute is divided into selected departments for: economic analysis and development, social analysis and development, research, economic and development policies and european affairs, national accounts, general affairs


The Archives of the Republic of Slovenia

The primary aim of the ARS is to collect, preserve, process and facilitate access to the national archival heritage of the Republic of Slovenia



Educational links


The National Education Institute of the Republic of Slovenia

As a professional institute in the field of general pre-university education the National Education Institute links pedagogical theory and teaching practice. On one hand, it aims to transfer and apply theoretical achievements to teaching practice and, on the other, addresses practical questions and challenges to pedagogical theory.


Slovenian Institute for Adult Education

Slovenian Institute for Adult Education is the national institution for development, research and counselling in the field of adult education. The Institute's basic mission is to foster the culture of lifelong learning and education in Slovenia.


Centre of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training

The Centre of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training (in the continuation the Centre) was established in 1996 as the central institution responsible for vocational education and training in Slovenia.


National Examination Centre

The activities of the National Examination Centre (NEC) are closely tied to its role as the central institution for knowledge assessment in Slovenia.


Center for Mobility and European Education and Training Programmes 

Every day, more and more schools, faculties, kindergartens, enterprises and other institutions are taking part in the international programmes in the field of education and training, among which belong also Socrates and Leonardo da Vinci programmes.


MOVIT - Institute for Promotion of Youth Mobility

Non-profit and governmental institution dedicated to the promotion and development of different forms of youth mobility.


Educational Research Institute

The Educational Research Institute (ERI) is the central research institution in Slovenia [for research in education] undertaking basic, research, development and applied projects on issues of current interest in all sectors of education and related areas.


ESTIA in Slovenia

Here you will find information about our educational systems, professions, the labour market and other information related to these fields.


Slovenian Education Network

Among other things - RO - Slovenian computer literacy project.


Centre for Educational Policy Studies - CEPS

The Centre is active in the field of educational policy studies. It participates in national and international activities in this field, particularly in research, development and consultancy projects.


E.S.T.U.S. - Education, Science and Culture Trade Union of Slovenia

The largest independent trade union in the whole public sector with 36,000 members.


University of Ljubljana

The University of Ljubljana is an institution with a very rich tradition. With its 35,000 undergraduate and post-graduate students participating in more than 130 undergraduate and 110 post-graduate programes, it ranks among the biggest universities in the world scale. A total of 20 faculties, 3 art academies and 3 university colleges employ approx. 1,700 full- time university teaching staff, assisted by nearly 600 technical and administrative staff.


University of Maribor

In the field of education affairs the University of Maribor offers wide range of academic study programs. At the undergraduate level students can choose between more than 50 programs with numerous options, where post-graduate students are offered almost 50 different post-graduate programs. Until the end of the academic year 2000/2001 there were 59905 students awarded the undergraduate diploma, 337 students successfully completed doctoral studies at the University of Maribor, 1328 students completed post-graduate study programs leading to magisterij, and 95 students who completed post-graduate study programs leading to specializacija.


University of Primorska, Università del Litorale

Here you can find information on the history, mission and vision of the youngest Slovene university and its professional and administrative branches and employees


University of Nova Gorica


University of Nova Gorica aims to be an independent, research oriented and student friendly university, where knowledge is formed within a harmonious relationship between students and researchers, so that the knowledge can be transferred to younger generations and into business environment.


Academic and Research Network of Slovenia (ARNES)

The main task of ARNES is development, operation and management of the communication and information network for education and research.


International kindergarten and elementary school

In conjunction with International Kindergarten in Ljubljana they offer the International Baccalaureate Organisation's Primary Years Programme to children aged 3 to 12 years.


International Department of Gimnazija Bežigrad

The IBO Middle Years Programme is a five-year programme for students aged 11 to 16. In Ljubljana, it is divided between two schools: the first three years, grade 6 to grade 8, are offered at Danila Kumar Elementary School and the last two years are offered at Gimnazija Bezigrad. They offer also The International Baccalaureate, an internationally recognised curriculum and examination.


Sport links


University of Ljubljana - Faculty of Sport


The Olympic Committee of Slovenia


Foundation for financing sport organisations in Republic of Slovenia

Foundation for financing sport organisations in Slovenia is unprofitable organisation, which allocates about 30% of concession contributions from classical gaming into Slovene sport


Mat'Kurja / Sports and Entertainment / Sports

Web portal with links to different Slovenian sports Web pages