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The content of this website has been moved to, the state administration's main website published on 1 July 2019.
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Public Relations




Location: Masarykova 16, 1000 Ljubljana

Fax: +386 1 400 53 29



Ms. Tina Hrastnik, Head of PR Office

Location: Masarykova 16, 1000 Ljubljana


Phone: +386 1 400 52 84

Mobile: +386 41 782 971


Mr. Sebastijan Magdič

Location: Masarykova 16, 1000 Ljubljana

E-mail: sebastijan.magdic(at)

Phone: +386 1 400 53 52

Mobile: +386 31 321 844


Ms. Katja Križnar

Location: Masarykova 16, 1000 Ljubljana

E-mail: katja.kriznar(at) 

Phone: +386 1 400 56 03

Mobile: +386 41 774 626


Ms. Nataša Gerkeš

Location: Masarykova 16, 1000 Ljubljana

E-mail: natasa.gerkes(at) 

Phone: +386 1 400 53 38

Mobile: +386 31 396 582





The Public Relations and Promotion Service will be glad to help you with any of your questions regarding the working field of the Ministry of Public Administration.


Ministry of Education, Science and Sport assures publicity in accordance with Standing Orders of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia (Article 50 and 51), Media Act and Act on the Access to Information of Public Character. In the scope of public relations we plan, organize and implement expert and organizational duties and are also engaged in promotion and overall image of the ministry.



Publicity is assured:


  • by providing media of timely and precise information, news and reports deriving from the ministry's field of activity,
  • by press conferences and official press releases,
  • by announcements of events and activities (both at domestic and at international scene),
  • by publishing of various contents on the web,
  • by publicistic activities.

Publicity of the activities is assured by the minister and state secretary.

Information, explanations, notifications, reports, news and other data are introduced by the minister, state secretary, PR advisers and by minister's authority also other officials of the ministry.



PR field of activity includes:

  • performing expert and organizational tasks in informing public and media about the ministry's field of activities and activities in the filed of public administration,
  • performing expert and organizational tasks for introduction of ministry's activities,
  • preparative arrangements, organization and conduction of press conferences,
  • preparation of materials for the press and press releases,
  • planning and organization of various events and projects to achieve more informed public and better public policy,
  • preparation and publishing of various bulletins, brochures, pamphlets and other materials,
  • performing expert and organizational tasks of general promotion,
  • web-site editing.