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Regulated profession or regulated professional activity is a profession or professional activity, where the conditions for working in a certain regulated profession in the Republic of Slovenia are stipulated in laws and executive acts. All regulated professions and professional activities in the Republic of Slovenia can be found in the Register of regulated professions or occupations in the Republic of Slovenia.


All applicants wishing to pursue a regulated profession in the Republic of Slovenia, are advised to contact the competent authority for each profession (ministry, professional chamber or other professional organization), that provides the necessary information how to pursue a regulated profession in Slovenia. The competent authority for each occupation is mentioned in the list of regulated professions. The competent authority will provide you with more detailed information and instructions on what to do and which procedures are necessary to start working in a regulated profession in the Republic of Slovenia.


For more information for health care professions, such as doctor, nurse, medical technician..., please contact  the Ministry of Health: e-mail: or phone: ( 01) 478 60 01.


ENIC- NARIC centre of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia (hereinafter: MIZŠ ) can issue an opinion on the completion of education, which is a part of the formal education system of each country. The competent authority which regulates each profession will give you information if issuing the opinion from MIZŠ is required to conduct a regulated profession. The applicant (holder of the diploma/certificate or other legal or physical person with the consent of the holder of the diploma/certificate) can apply for the assessment of education at ENIC-NARIC centre with form V.