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The Assessment of education is a procedure within which the ENIC – NARIC centre issues an official opinion regarding education.

The opinion contains  information on different elements of the assessed education, such as the educational qualification, the status of educational institution and educational programme, the field of education, the obtained title or degree, a short description of the educational system, a comparison with educational system in the Republic of Slovenia, etc.

Assessment procedures are in accordance with Assessment and Recognition of Education Act, adopted by the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia at its session of 19 October 2011. 

Subject of assessment

The subject of assessment of education is the educational qualification, attesting fully or partially completed accredited educational programme in the country of issue. The educational qualification can be foreign educational qualification, Slovenian educational qualification or educational qualifications issued before June 25th, 1991 in the former Yugoslavia.

Educational qualifications attesting the education of less than one semester or half a year duration or if the qualification attests less than 30 ECTS credit points obtained are not subject of the assessment. Qualifications attesting completed linguistic examinations or courses, professional examinations, professional qualifications and other courses are also not the subject of assessment.







Application; Form V

The applicant (holder of the diploma/certificate or other legal or physical person with the consent of the holder of the diploma/certificate) can apply for the assessment of education at ENIC-NARIC centre with form V. Proper documents have to be enclosed with the filled out form V. Documents needed for assessment of education are:

-          the original of the certificate or diploma,

-          a photocopy of the certificate/diploma,

-          the certified Slovene translation of the certificate/diploma,

-          a photocopy of the evidence on the content, duration and the requirements fulfilled during the educational programme (Diploma supplement, annual report cards, transcripts or other),

-          a short chronological description of the entire education, prepared and signed by the applicant,

a receipt of the paid costs of the process of assessment of education (50€).


The ENIC-NARIC centre shell issue the opinion to the applicant within a period of two months of receipt of a complete application.




In the event of disagreement with the opinion issued, the applicant may, within fifteen days following its service date, lodge with the ENIC-NARIC centre on objection in writing with the explanation and any new evidence.


The applicant may also lodge a written objection in the event that ENIC-NARIC centre fails to issue the opinion within a period of two months of receipt of a complete application. You can read more about objection in article 9.









Cost of assessment

Cost of the assessment of education procedure is 50€, which you can pay:

- at the ministry’s main office (also mail office) in person (also with credit cards: Karanta, MasterCard, Visa, BA, Maestro),

- at the post office or bank with UPN form, which you have to fill out accordingly:

o        namen plačila (purpose of payment): MIZKS-stroški za vrednotenje

o        naziv in naslov prejemnika (address of the recipient): Drugi nedavčni prihodki države,   


o        številka računa-IBAN (account No.): SI56 01100 1000621284

o        referenca (reference): 11 33308-7141009-12345678

o        SWIFT koda-za plačilo iz tujine (Swift code for payment from foreign countries):  BSLJSI2X  Banka Slovenije.






Use of foreign academic title

The holder of an academic title can use his or her academic title in the Republic of Slovenia without a procedure. The title can be used as written on the certificate/diploma in its original form or abbreviated according to legislation in the country of origin.

Foreign titles can not be translated into Slovene language and can be used in the Republic of Slovenia in their original form together with the name of the country where the title was obtained in Slovene language.

Example: Master of Arts, Združeno kraljestvo Velike Britanije in Severne Irske