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To develop a responsible, knowledge-based society.
To create conditions for the development of happy and socially responsible generations.


(1) Co-creating and directing development in education, science, youth issues, and sports in line with social changes.
(2) Continuous improvement of the quality of the MIZŠ’s functioning.
(3) Understanding and asserting the role of the MIZŠ among the professional public, society and Government of the Republic of Slovenia.


Together with our stakeholders we create an inclusive, equitable, sustainable and creative society of lifelong learning, strengthen the participation of young people and encourage sporting activities.


We are committed to the equal participation of all stakeholders in an accessible, flexible and future-oriented education system. We seek new teaching and learning strategies, enabling individuals to mature into responsible and independent members of the community.


Pre-school and elementary education constitutes the foundation of a learning society.


In secondary education we implement approaches that integrate the education system with the economy.


Higher-education study programmes derive from the human resource needs of the private sector and enable students to acquire vocational competences.


Aiming at innovation and excellence in higher education, we create the conditions for a competitive and internationally-recognised higher education system.


Adult education programmes follow the needs of the economy and the trends of changes in society, providing better living and working conditions for adults. There is always a good time for learning and gaining new knowledge.


The Slovenian education system ensures the equal inclusion of people with special needs.


By developing science and research at home and abroad we are strengthening the global research area.


The programmes for sports in the public interest are in line with the principle of “a sound mind in a sound body”.


We promote and take care of the development of the youth sector and youth work, strengthening the participation of young people in the management of public affairs and the creation of youth policies.



In line with the educational concepts we take a flexible and cost-effective approach to an inclusive education system and to forming the proper conditions for the development of science, research and sports.



Mutual cooperation and respect among employees aim at achieving excellent results. Great emphasis is laid on our stakeholders and inter-ministerial cooperation.



We perform our work excellently and in a reliable manner. The results of our work are transparent, so our colleagues, partners and the citizens of Slovenia can rely on us.



As satisfied employees we are constantly seeking improvements for both our work and our citizens.



We foster our own creativity as well as that of all our stakeholders.